Why Trucker Hats Are The Headwear Of Choice For 2020

Trends in fashion come and go, so it can be hard to keep up and always look and feel fashionable. Luckily, Antur Supply Co is here to show you the latest in stylish headwear; the trucker hat. 

Trucker hats have been popular with truckers- hence the name- for years, but they’re now becoming more mainstream thanks to celebrities and other influencers. 

If you’d like to find out more about this innovative trend, then read on, and we’ll explain. 

Antur Supply Co Trucker Hat

What Is A Trucker Hat?

A trucker hat is similar to a basketball hat, with a straight peak and rounded body. What sets the two apart is that a trucker hat has a squarer body on the front, and at the back, it has mesh to keep your head feeling cool and fresh.  

Initially, these hats were part of promotions from feed and farming supply companies, and they have since become a mainstream fashion staple. 

Today, almost anyone can wear a trucker hat. The adjustable plastic grip at the back is perfect for slotting a ponytail through, and the hat itself looks great backwards as well as forwards or even at a slant (okay maybe not the latter).

It’s this versatility that has helped drive trucker hats into the mainstream and made them popular with many fashionistas. 

They look great with almost every casual ensemble, be it a nerdy t-shirt or stylish streetwear so that they can work for almost everyone. 

Finding Your Perfect Trucker Hat

Trucker hats are so popular that many clothing retailers now offer them, so you’ll be spoiled for choice when you seek out a new one to add to or start your collection. 

Many companies put their logo on the front of their trucker hats, including Antur Supply Co, whose beautiful brown logo adorns the top of our black/ black trucker hats and sets them off beautifully.

For an excellent winter look, we also offer a stylish grey/ white trucker hat. Both of our trucker hats are classics, so they’ll look great with any outfit and be your favorite headwear for years to come. 

How To Style A Trucker Hat 

How you wear your trucker hat depends on the look you want to achieve. If you want to look sporty and stylish, then consider wearing it with the peak facing forwards, or turning it around and wearing the peak at the back.

For a quirky look, try wearing the peak at an angle, so that you set yourself apart from the rest. However you choose to wear your trucker hat, you should make sure that the rest of your outfit is casual, and that your hat is clean and presentable. Fashion comes and goes, but cleanliness is always in style! 

To find out more about our range of headwear and our other products, check out our blog. We’re always updating it and adding the latest news, views and information so that you can stay up to date with the new developments in our company and the outdoor apparel and accessories market.
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