Performance denim jeans that fit your lifestyle

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The Problem

Hi, I'm Osian from Antur Supply Co - a lifestyle brand curated for the adventurous heart. Having launched in 2018, we established the brand with our signature camping mats and insulated water bottles. Over the past 18 months, I have been designing and developing our most exciting project yet.


The Problem

Every single pair of jeans I owned did this 👇,.. they were restrictive, sweaty, and never fit me matter how much I spent, I got the same result.


I searched for years for functional, durable, breathable, and great-looking jeans that actually fit well, but it just wasn't out there.

So... I decided to make it!

The Solution

Functional, comfortable, durable, and breathable denim, built for your lifestyle.

We developed jeans that don't restrict your lifestyle. A jean that can adapt, and can be worn at the office, on your commute, for nights out, Sunday walks, and everything in between.


You'll never go back to traditional jeans after you try these.


How is our denim different?

The Fabric

Our custom ASX denim fabric is made of a cotton/COOLMAX®/LYCRA® blend for ultimate comfort, free movement, and breathability.


COOLMAX® is designed to keep moisture away from the skin making our denim 30% more breathable than traditional denim. It also holds thermo-regulating properties, keeping you warmer when it's cold out and cooler when it's warm out.

LYCRA® gives our denim 4X the stretch


Reinforced Signature Gusset

We added a gusset panel for stretch, free movement, and durability where you need it most. No more crotch rips!


Deep Front Pockets for Women & Men

You heard that right.. DEEP WOMEN'S POCKETS! I recently created a Tiktok video that hit1.9 million views; showing the deep pockets on our women's denim. We are so glad you love them as much as we do. Women need deep pockets!

If you missed it, here it is again:


Ultra-secure Back Pockets

We added a secure flap to the inside of the back pocket to help keep your valuables safe.


Water-resistant Coating

We coated the jeans with SILVERPLUS® finish making the jeans water-resistant, anti-odour, and anti-bacterial.


Reinforced Belt Loops, Sustainable Non-leather Backpatch & Extra Strong Thread.

Our denim includes:

  • Reinforce the belt loops
  • A sustainable backpatch
  • Coats Epic EcoVerde® threading - a 100% recycled premium polyester core spun sewing thread that has been precisely engineered to create durable, attractive seams with greater abrasion resistance


Eco-friendly Metalware

For the metal buttons and trims, we made sure not to use electroplating. By not using electroplating, we were able to create a finish on the trims using a tumbler as opposed to using chemicals for the desired finish. This meant zero chemicals, less water, and less electricity was used to produce them.


Denim Options Overview:

The Antur Performance Denim will come in 2 colours, Solid Black andMid Indigo


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How to measure


*Late February/ Early March :)

Shipping costs

We're going to collect shipping costs after the campaign ends via BackerKit (this is when we also collect your shipping address, denim size, and colour variant). Shipping costs have been a little more volatile recently, so we want to make sure we charge you the correct amount based on your location at the time of production.

We promise to only charge what's reasonable and keep fees as low as possible.

Are you outside The UK, USA or Canada?

If you are backing our project outside the UK, USA, or Canada you will likely have to pay customs, so please be aware of that extra charge.

All duties and taxes for UK, USA, and Canada will be covered.

Shipping fees DO NOT count towards customs fees custom fees are a separate charge.

The customs fee is not a fee we retrieve from you, but a fee you'll pay to the shipping company when the package has entered your country.

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World Zone 1 generally covers countries in North America (excluding the USA), South America, Africa, the Middle East, the Far East, and South East Asia.

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Return Policy

Our jeans come with a 12-month warranty so we will replace any pair of denim that do not hold up to our claims, or in the unlikely case of a manufacturer defect. We do not offer refunds for any denim that was received through the Kickstarter campaign, but if you need a size change that's absolutely fine (Return shipping fee may apply)

We’re passionate about creating amazing products and Kickstarter is a way for us to launch our brand. As you've read, Kickstarter isn't a store and rewards are thanks for supporting the project which is why we cannot offer refunds. Your pledge means so much and we take it very seriously. We will do anything we can to make sure that this exchange leaves with good vibes for everyone involved.

Antur story

Hi, my name is Osian,


Adventure, travel, and exploration have always been a very important part of my life. Growing up in North Wales gave me a great appreciation for nature, hikes, and all things outdoors. My life and upbringing here laid the foundation for the journey I was soon to embark on…

In 2018 I sought out to create a lifestyle brand for the adventurous heart- people who appreciate simplistic, high-quality design and style. Antur is a labor of love, where it continues to grow and be an outlet for like-minded spirits through their journey of an adventurous life.


All of this – everything we’ve done and continue to reach for – wouldn’t be possible without you.

As a growing company, we’re excited for the road ahead and hope that our paths cross with yours somewhere out there.


May you continue to adventure,